About us

About Us

We here at Fish Fish Fish SA are constantly searching for new and interesting ideas regarding different types of tackle.

We search the international market looking for items which will help our customers catch more fish than any other anglers. We have suppliers in USA, China, Malaysia and the UK.

The company is run by fisherman, this in itself is a great advantage in getting ahead in the market. The tackle is tried and tested by our staff and the fine tuning to the range is done by them. Pros and cons are all dealt with before product goes on the market.

A word from the company Director:

Being a fisherman myself it has been a great pleasure putting this range of tackle together and getting it out on the market. The retailers and the public have taken this range on and given it a chance. There have been many fish caught on our range already. We have shipments of stock coming in from our suppliers at frequent intervals. We are doing our best to keep ahead of the competition and keeping our customers happy by bringing them the very latest in tackle available on the market. We will strive to keep up this high standard of product delivery no matter what.

Tight Lines.


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